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OpenText Corporation is a Canadian company that develops and sells enterprise information management software. OpenText, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, is Canada's largest software company as of 2014 and recognized as one of Canada's top 100 employers 2016 by Mediacorp Canada Inc.

Ryan Payne mentioned, "Currently, Open Text Documentum Enterprise Content Management is being used by our accounts receivable department. Implementation is in progress for legal, procurement contracts and engineering. The cons of using Open Text are,Document types accepted, inbound and outbound integrations, outdated system architecture and productized supplemental products (AP Xcelerator)."


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Current Employee - Senior Solution Engineer says

"I have been working at OpenText full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Lack of focus on Customer. Very transactional. No cross team collaboration with other business units thus we come across very disjointed to our customers Lack of strategic direction. We have all kinds of point of views on Point solutions but no over arching strategy for our customers High Turnover due to lack of leadership and investing in people Toxic culture between business units High dependency on SAP for pipeline Lack of women in leadership roles. It is a good old boys club. Lack of Customer References"

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"I have been working at OpenText full-time for more than a year Cons: Leadership does not exist here"

Former Employee - Documentum says

"I worked at OpenText full-time for less than a year Cons: No plan for integration. Hunger games mentality."

Current Employee - Senior Systems Engineer says

"I have been working at OpenText full-time for more than 10 years Cons: All the great benefits we enjoyed were systematically reduced or eliminated. Then our jobs were completely changed for the worse. Everything within this company is extremely siloed and micromanaged so that they can employ lower skilled workers willing to accept less pay. If you make higher pay they will try to get rid of you so they can backfill with said less expensive resources. If you had good technology in place don't expect to receive any praise. Expect their staff with fragile egos to tell you how their standard is so much better, and ask you to dismantle and replace your solution with older outdated technology and mindsets. In your all hands meetings you'll soon realize your CEO/CTO is more of a political figure than anything else. If you don't quite understand what the company actually does, don't worry there is no elevator speech for what they do. Nobody else understands it either. It's a huge ponzi scheme. They attract investors thru growth, they take that money and buy technology companies, the acquisitions generate growth, repeat."

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"I have been working at OpenText full-time Cons: - CEO is an arrogant SJW. He is like a gameshow host. Claims to care about employees but the actions of the company don't match the message. Can only conclude he is a puppet for the board. Funny thing is he claims to value facts and data. Must be cherry picking it because the evidence doesn't support the claim. - This company primarily cares about the bottom line. Salaries and benefits are not competitive. They try to save a buck wherever they can. - High turnover. They don't treat acquired companies very well. - Acquisition focused. Lacking innovation and tech leadership. - Highly bureaucratic. The company is run like it's 1999. - Old tools and systems. - Runs extremely lean (read: understaffed) therefore work/life balance is not good. Layoffs happen regularly."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at OpenText full-time for more than a year Cons: Not sure where to start. Let's start with the benefits: 1.Practically no raises, even if there is one it's only given to a few members in the team. For the employees who are given raises it's just 1.5% 2.No bonusses for those below managers so basically they make you work but provide no motivation. 3.No RSUs (employees can invest in ESPP) RSU is only for upper management 4. 401k match is a joke at 1%. And they even cut that to 0% for the last 6 months of 2020 due to covid. 5.Pay cut during covid (for 6 months) even though the company reported doing well All the pay raises, bonusses, RSUs, are only for the upper management. They have so many All hands, and the CEO(also the CTO) keeps talking about 'Empathy' and 'we are in this together' but then have a round of mass layoffs, office closures, pay cuts. Not sure how this means 'we are in this together'!! Acquire too many companies and then take away access to systems from the employees without even notifying them. I'm surprised how OT managed to stay afloat with this kind of a model since I have been seeing talented people leave the company. The max number of PTOs they have is 20days(6+yrs of service), 15days if you are just starting. The PTO you are entitled for depends on your years of service as of Jan 1. So if you joined anytime after, you would have to wait an extra yr to get PTO incremented by a day. They also ask you to book your PTO in advance for the whole year by the end of February even during these times of Covid, in the name of asking employees to 'rest and rejuvenate' How can anyone expect employees to be able to predict PTO hours for the whole year? Unused PTO does not get carried over to the next year unless required by state law There is very little opportunity for promotion or growth unless you know someone from management. I can say this from experience, I have seen so many incompetent employees and non-performers not get laid off and get a pay check just because they know a VP or are relatives of a VP while the hard-working ones are stuck with more work piled upon them. The smart ones will just move to another company and I'm sure the ones who are still there are looking for new jobs"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at OpenText full-time Cons: They fire almost everyone when they acquire a new company, and everyone else slowly trickles out as they remove everything that was fun about your previous company"

Current Employee - Management says

"I have been working at OpenText full-time Cons: They will cut the throats of the employees at the first sign of trouble. So, they just posted record revenues, but yet they are only giving employees 1.5% raises this year. Then on top of it, they have based our bonuses on our reduced salaries from last year, even while they bragged about higher productivity and record earnings. They are only concerned about shareholders, which means the fat boy at the top is cashing in on the backs of the employees."

Current Employee - Senior Technical Project Manager says

"I have been working at OpenText full-time Cons: no communication, a whole lot of micro management"

Former Employee - Principal Software Engineer says

"I worked at OpenText full-time for more than a year Cons: The CEO is a typical, big-tech left-wing political activist with a big salary."

None (Former Employee) says

"Bad management since barrenchea. 100% wall-street company that does not care about employees in the least. Dysfunctional teams and software full of bloat."

Document Specialist (Former Employee) says

"You can be manipulated, judged, annoyed, micro managed, and used for $7.25 an hour. Get ready to be harassed and discarded like yesterday’s garbage. Good luck... Cons: You need to see to believe."

IT drone (Former Employee) says

"Do not be fooled by the good starting salary. Raises are less than inflation, so with each passing year you are earning less money.... unless you are a yes man/woman manager who blindly follows the exec leadership teams hyped up banter. Cons: Everything else"

Senior Systems Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I didn't realize how much I hated working here until I was laid off. With retrospection I realized how much my skill sets were WASTED on this place. This is a true sweat shop and all they are interested in is grinding their employees into dust. There were so many suggestions I made to improve the work environment that went IGNORED because "hey.. we've done it this way for years.. why should we change?" Some of the management failed to graduate fifth grade at least mentally."

Helpdesk Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Manager was show to participate in retaliation towards subordinates and unfair work practices. Bias evaluations and refusal to take employees needs into consideration. Cons: several"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"the worst company culture I have ever experienced in north america, run and don't ever look back. The layoffs are constant and the depression is real."

Field Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"as above - lots of company changes and uncertainty. Great comany and products/services but hard to follow the constant change. It was a company with great people."

Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"I worked very hard for bosses who used fear as a motivation device. Overall, a very unpleasant place to work at. They were intimidatory and never rewarded good work."

Clould Delivery Manager (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balance"

Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lack of vision"

Vice President (Current Employee) says

"Typical day at work - you do everything in double because there is not enough people in the team or they are so junior. Cons: They are sinking by the Administration and Management, benefits cuts, demotion, no raise, no promotion, no training, stress and toxic environment, liar management, freezes every time, no career path"

Cloud Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Plain and simple, all the managers need to get fired. They don't know what They are Doing. Operates as a clan style operations with no work ethics, none. They are continually lying to their subordinates. Not a right place to work. Cons: Management need to get fired"

Lead Data Center Analyst - Tier 2 - 3rd Shift (Former Employee) says

"The people you work with everyday are great but the management.and higher ups could care less about their employees. I was a shift lead and was forced to be the management role for the shift with no pay raise. Didn't even get a pay raise for becoming lead. Get yelled at for everything but never get told you are appreciated. Basically a horrible place to work."

IT Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company had happy people, the environment was funny, but year after year the scenario changed and in the last 2 years the worst arrived. Unreachable goal, people sad, several old and knowledgeable employees are just leaving because they are tired of the all management levels. But the company management doesn't care of lose the knowledge and people who built the pillars of the company. They are losing so many people that HR no longer ask why is the reason. Customer and Investors will fell sooner the shock of this when they will not be attended or the profits goes down. The company now is postponing the raises and delay evaluations to buy a new company with focus on cloud, but even cloud team cannot hold their senior technicians. The number of people leaving now is superior of layoffs that now is aprox 80 to 90% of the cases. New employees fells alone since there is nobody to really help. Several extra benefits were cutoff."

Consultant (Current Employee) says

"The mission of Opentext is maximizing the bottom line. There are quarterly layoffs and the job of those laid off is dumped on the remaining employees. Only the standard benefits are offered at your expense, and the culture is very dated. No opportunity for advancement. This is an okay place to work for people who want to do what they've always done. But if you're a millennial or motivated this place will ruin you."

Projects (Former Employee) says

"This place is a hole relative to other tech companies. PMO director in Seattle has absolutely zero people skills. Very arrogant and defended by higher management. It's a cult here only looking after higher management. The peasants are screwed everyday and fired on the spot for management failures. Cons: Senior management in IT above the directors is a cult, . Very arrogant and they least care about employees"

Customer Support Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is quickly turning into a cutthroat workplace. Management is pushing down directives to do more with less. Very much a sweatshop environment from what it use to be. Cons: Management is awful"

Enterprise Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Mgt is locked on legacy base, has little in way of innovation to offer. Company is tired, only value is in selling base - innovation lacking, sales management old school and not able to keep up with changing landscape of tech and emerging opps"

Channels Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"Too much to explain. Always new managerial changes that do not make any sense. Sales management flawed, company culture weak."

Account Development Representitive (Former Employee) says

"The account Development rep position is a high pressure call centre role. They can’t keep anyone in this role, it’s permanently open on indeed because it’s absolutely garbage. The manager in Gaithersburg, MD is so far detached from WAterloo and is trigger happy to fire anyone that misses the target even for 1 week. They can’t keep a manager for longer than 6 mos in this role and the role itself is absolutely impossible to do: cold-calling large US-based corporations to get an in person meeting booked (for the on site rep) to buy a $200k/year software suite. Good luck!! Do yourself a favour and keep looking elsewhere. Cons: Lay offs, impossible KPI’s, revolving door of managers"

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